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When it comes to dinner, I always try to change it up and come up with something new and different to make.  That’s not to say that we don’t love the classics…meatloaf, simple pasta dishes and tacos….we do, but I always try to add a fresh twist to them.  The last question I ask my husband before we get up from the dinner table is “Would you want me to make it again?” and that’s how I find out just how good it really was...if he gives me a resounding "Yes" then chances are I'll be sharing it with you here and hoping your family enjoys it too!



For many of you, and specifically me, feeding my toddlers a well-balanced meal is hands down the most difficult thing I do every day.  If it’s not mac-n-cheese or chicken nuggets on their plates, our dining room turns into a pirate’s den in the blink of an eye…you’ll see me bribing, making threats, taking away precious stuffed animals and children screaming out in agony….and I know God must be so ashamed of me, but I just want my babies to EAT for crying out loud!  I’ve heard a lot of people say to just serve your kids what you eat and eventually they will get tired of going to bed hungry, cave in and start eating what’s served to them.  Sorry, not my kids...I’ve tried, they’ll starve themselves to death before choking down a piece of steamed fish.  For months I’d leave the dinner table, exhausted and fed up from making two full dinners each night, one for them and one for hubby and I, with two entirely different ingredient mixes.  I finally realized I was going to have to get more creative!   By spending only a little extra time in the kitchen I’ve found that making some slight (and often sneaky) modifications to what we are having for dinner, can turn their meals into something better, and overall more healthy.


I always have something sweet in my house, usually something freshly baked.  I’d love to tell you that it’s only because my husband, who would take to his grave that he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, inevitably comes to me just before bedtime every night with the same question “Do we have anything sweet to eat?”  and that it is for HIM that I must keep bazillion calorie desserts on my cake plate at all times. The truth is that my sweet tooth runs so deep that even my toes curl when they hear words so divine as Crème Brulee or Chocolate Blackout Cake.  We feel like we are semi-healthy if there is at least some type of fruit in our decadence.   Many times it’s late when I hit the kitchen for our sweet something, too late to get to the store for ingredients I may not have, and I’ve got to make do with whatever I do happen to have on hand and that is where my best and most sacred dessert recipes come to fruition!

3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Amy…

  1. I love this Amy! What a great idea to share your menu ideas and recipes…I know from MJ, you’re a great cook! I’ll definitely be a follower! Colleen

  2. Excited to see what you post Amy! I remember that one dessert you made with the blueberries and the cake mix…that was great! You told me how to make it at the time, but I do not remember now. Hopefully you will share that tasty treat!

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