Dark Cherry & Port Scented Truffles

December 9th, 2011  |  Cookies, Sweets  |  0 Comments

I promised you more from Napa and here is one of my absolute favorite recipes I picked up along the way.  It's from Anette Yazidi of Anette's Chocolates in the Oxbow Market.  I had no idea that homemade truffles were sooooo easy to make and if you are using good quality chocolate, taste just as wonderful as something you'd pick up in a fancy chocolate shop.  I slightly modified Anette's original recipe for Rolled Cherry Truffles by using port wine instead of brandy and rolling the truffles in crushed pistachios to make them more festive for the holidays.

I have to tell you that of all of the food samples I passed out over the course of my four day stint in Napa, these were the only ones that people rushed at me for....not waiting their turn for me to make my way around passing them out...in fact one lady came back for seconds and thirds before I could ever make my way around the whole crowd the first time!   Shame on you lady.

Do not make these however, unless you are going through a terrible break-up or you have people you'd like to share some holiday love with this season.  They are dangerously delicious!



1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup dark chocolate, melted
1/4 cup port wine
1/4 cup dried cherries, chopped
1/2 cup toasted pistachios, finely chopped


Melt chocolate slowly in a double boiler.  Warm cream and whisk into chocolate.  Add port wine and dried cherries and mix well.  Refrigerate for at least three hours (or overnight).  Bring mixture to room temperature when ready to begin forming balls.  Using a melon baller (or teaspoon measuring spoon), form 3/4" balls by rolling them in the palms of your hands.  The mixture will be slightly melty from the warmth of your hands.  Roll each ball into the pistachios coating them well.  Place on tray and serve!  This recipe makes approximately 50 truffles.


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