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It was about five years ago at our holiday party that I first served champagne with pomegranate juice in lieu of the traditional orange accoutrement.  I chose it because of the beautiful color it would make the drinks, not so much that I was a big fan of pomegranate or was wild about antioxidants or anything.

My guests flipped.  That night, EVERYBODY was drinking the champagne..... leaving behind the gorgeous red sugar-rimmed glasses of peppermint martinis I'd been slaving over for half the day.

Perturbed as I might have been, it was actually a blessing, because from there on out, I had the easiest holiday cocktail ever!   The fact that it is a beautiful drink with its rosy little bubbles is only the icing on the cake because it is absolutely delicious too!  Easy.  Beautiful.  Delicious.  Its the only thing you should be drinking when ringing in 2013!

If you want to take the easy way out and skip the fresh juice and seeds in the recipe, just pick yourself up a bottle of juice that's already been squeezed for ya.... I won't judge.... and you won't have red splatters to clean up all over your kitchen either!

Here's how simple they are......


1 bottle of champagne, chilled
3-4 fresh pomegranates {or a bottle of pomegranate juice from your grocer's refrigerated aisle}, also chilled



Slice off the bottom quarter of each pomegranate and carefully pluck out the seeds in it, discarding any of the thin white film around them.

Squeeze the juice in the remaining portion of the pomegranate into your champagne flutes {about 1/4 of the way full} and add a few of the seeds.

Slowly top off the juice with your favorite champagne or prosecco.

Let me hear a |clink-clink-clink| and cheers to a wonderful 2013!!!

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