Moscow Mules with Homemade Cucumber Infused Vodka

April 29th, 2012  |  21 and over, Drinks, Favorites  |  0 Comments

My husband goes on specific alcohol kicks every few years.  Whatever he happens to be "into" at the time is the only thing he'll drink.  When we first started dating it was tequila {shots or in margarita form}, then after a year or so, he switched to vodka + sodas and that was ALL he would drink for about 2 years.  Next up was Coronas--and not just any Coronas either--they had to be the small bottles--called Coronitas.  Then he moved on to {dark} rum + diet cokes.  This last stretch has lasted at least three years, and I was beginning to worry that we may never get him off of them.  Rum stinks when you're drinking it and it stinks even worse the next morning.  I hated it... until.... our fun-lovin' friend Griffin introduced him to the Moscow Mule.  And now, for the last seven weeks the only alcohol he's ingested has been this new concoction.  He's absolutely obsessed with them.... so much so that he paid $100 for 4 copper moscow mule cups to enjoy his refreshing beverages....because, of course, they taste better if served in an expensive copper cup!

Anyway, if you've never had a Moscow Mule, they are delicious--reminescent of a vodka mojito with a light ginger zing--super refreshing and easy to drink.  Even I love them, though I can take or leave the copper cup.  We were recently at an establishment that served the Mule with Effen Cucumber infused vodka and while it sounded delicious, I wasn't at all wild about the aftertaste of it--being that they have to use all kinds of preservatives to bottle and get the flavoring in there.

I made up my mind I would infuse some vodka at home with fresh cucumbers and then try the Mule for the ultimate refreshing cocktail.    WOW!  It was so incredibly delicious--even better than I expected.  If you like a margarita or a mojito, I'll bet you're gonna love the Moscow Mule!

Without further adieu, let's get muleshacked...


For the Vodka:
1 bottle 750ml plain vodka {I used Ketel One because I hate a hangover}
1 large cucumber

For the Moscow Mule:
2 oz cucumber infused vodka
4 oz ginger beer
juice of 1 lime
orange bitters
fresh mint sprig


To make the cucumber infused vodka {THIS WILL TAKE 3-4 DAYS INFUSING TIME}, peel and slice a large cucumber in half.  Scrape out all of the seeds and then chop it into large chunks.

Place the cucumber chunks into a large jar with a tight fitting lid and pour in the vodka.

Give it a swirl and place in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, giving it a gentle swirl each day (twice a day if you are so inclined).

After the third day, its time to make cocktails!  Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the cucumber out of the vodka and set aside [I put my vodka laced cucumbers in a ziplocking bag in the freezer to use for some other cocktail which is TBD... but I couldn't just throw them away!]

To make the Mule, fill a large copper cup [Red Solos will also work just fine] with ice.  Squeeze a whole lime into the cup, and add the cucumber infused vodka, ginger beer and a splash of orange bitters [regular bitters will also do the trick].  Give it a good stir, slap a sprig of mint in your palm and then put it in your drink and give it another whirl.

Bottoms up!



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