Grilled Wahoo with Spicy Soy Mayo

May 24th, 2012  |  Family Dinner, From the Sea  |  1 Comment

My husband and father-in-law do a lot of fishing during the summer months, which usually means we have loads of fresh fish to prepare.  So much fresh fish, that I'm often sick of it three weeks into the season.  We've come up with oodles of different preparations over the last 8 years from nut-crusted and herb-crusted fish, blackened fish, mustard-dill fish--you name it, we've done it.  They're all fantastic, but my absolute favorite preparation came from one of his fishing buddies who suggested a simple mixture of mayonnaise and soy sauce for basting the fish just before and during the grilling process.  I couldn't believe how delicious it was the first time we had it, and it has since become my favorite preparation--and NOT just because it is so darn easy!  I added in crushed red pepper because I like a tinge of heat in just about anything I eat, but if you're heat-averse, you could certainly skip it.

This week, we had fresh wahoo but this recipe works well for just about any fish from tuna, halibut, dorado, or salmon.  Whatever you've got--this little concoction will take it over the top!   I served mine with pan-roasted turnips and steamed broccoli for a light and incredibly simple weeknight dinner.


1 lb fresh fish, bones, skin and blood vein removed
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Kikkoman soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
salt and pepper


In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, soy sauce and crushed red pepper.

Mix well and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Heat grill to medium high heat.  Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper.

Using a basting brush, baste fish on both sides with the mayo-soy mixture.

Grill fish for about 4 minutes per side with the lid closed.  After you flip the fish the first time, add another coat of mayo-soy.

My fish was about 1 inch thick--adjust your cook time based on the size and thickness of your fish.

Serve with jasmine rice and fresh steamed vegetables for a light and delicious dinner.

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