Fresh Coconut Water & the Skinny Colada

August 16th, 2012  |  Drinks, Free of Gluten  |  0 Comments

Every day, I pick up a fresh young Thai coconut, go home, puncture a hole in the top, shove a straw in and slurp out the most insanely delicious and refreshing beverage I've ever had in my life.  It is the juice of the young coconut and I have found my addiction.

Up until probably three months ago, I would walk by the enormous piles of young coconuts at the market, nary giving them a second glance.  Not sure what was really inside and how it differed from a mature coconut {which I've never been remotely interested in breaking into} not to mention not really understanding how I could possibly get inside without a machete or possibly losing a phalange.

Then, my husband and I went out to lunch at a local restaurant that had these baby coconuts sitting in the refrigerator with holes and straws already intact.  On a major bottled coconut water kick lately {along with everyone else in the country}, hubby snatched one right up.  I still didn't really have any interest since I don't care for the bottled variety, but I decided to try a little swig.  Oh my good Lord!  It was heaven!! The most crisp and delicious and refreshing thing I've ever tasted.   I began to crave that fresh coconut water like nobody's business.... but HOW was I going to get into them without a drill of some sort????

Then, one day as I sat gazing at those oddly shaped hunks of coconut love, wishing I could have some of that sweet juice,  I saw this little contraption right next to the coconuts at Mother's Market and I about flipped my lid.  I immediately grabbed one little tool (worth every little bit of the $5.95 they were asking for it) and four coconuts and headed home for my fresh-coconut-water-guzzling-palooza.

I seriously cannot believe how easy this tool makes breaking into the coconuts.  At about $2.00 per coconut, this juice is less expensive {and substantially better tasting} than the bottled versions they sell at the store.

Packed full of nutrients that your body needs every day and only about 60 calories, the juice of the young coconut is a must in everyone's diet!

**I could not find the Melissa's tool online, so if your local store doesn't carry them, this tool seems pretty comparable and can be purchased on Amazon.

So after you inhale the juice, what do you do with the rest of the coconut??  Well, you can make this, or you can make yourself a healthy little smoothie or you can add a little rum to your smoothie for a delicious, skinny pina colada.


fresh coconut meat from one young coconut
1/2 cup chopped fresh pineapple
1/2 cup chopped fresh oranges

For smoothies, add 1/4 cup orange juice, for skinny coladas, add 1/4 cup rum {Malibu, Captain Morgan, Bacardi}


To remove coconut meat, hold coconut steady with one hand, with the other, take a heavy sharp knife and firmly {carefully} hit the knife into the top of the coconut as shown below.  Turn the coconut slightly and repeat until you have a pentagon shaped cutout.  Take the back bottom edge of the knife and carefully wedge it into one of the cuts and pry the top off.   Using your finger or a spoon, gently spoon out the coconut meat.  There may be some light brown pieces from the shell that attach to the meat.  That's okay so long as its soft.  If crispy or firm in texture, gently scrape it away from the coconut.

 Now you're ready for a delicious snack, smoothie or skinny colada.

Place fresh coconut, pineapple, oranges and orange juice or rum into the blender on Speed 3 {medium-high} for about 2 minutes until mixture is creamy.

Transfer to beverage glass of your choice.  Bottoms up!

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