Butternut Squash Spaghetti

This is not a recipe for spaghetti squash…oh no, this recipe incorporates the sweet deliciousness of roasted butternut squash with delicious tomatoes to transform your traditional spaghetti into something new and exciting…..that your whole family will enjoy.

Apple Oatmeal Muffins

Usually I plan ahead for the meals I know I’m going to make (and then share with you).  This morning, out of the blue, my daughter asked for muffins for breakfast.  Before I could take down two sips of my morning coffee, she was standing at my mixer spooning in sugar.  That meant that not only did she want muffins, she wanted them right that very instant…. and if I didn’t get to making them she was going to take matters into her own hands….which also meant that I would spend the remainder of the day cleaning up the kitchen….which would be /WRETCHED/.