Spicy Mustard Sauce

Looking to dress up those dogs tomorrow?  This is the one and only condiment you’ll need!   So good you may need to put out small bowls so folks can lap it up… cuz believe me, they’re going to!

Mama’s Sinfulicious Cinnamon Rolls with Orange Scented Icing

I call them sinful because they auto-trigger the glutton in me.  Having my mom to visit is dangerous.  She cooks these meals that I can’t stop eating.  I over eat every time she cooks; it’s always as if I may never get the chance to eat again.  These cinnamon rolls took my weakness to a whole new level.

Bravo Brassicas

Thank you to Jessie Lusader Stampfli for her recipe name suggestion “Bravo Brassicas”!  It was a tough decision–so many delicious sounding names….next time I have trouble deciding what to call one of my creations I know where to look for good strong suggestions!