Coffee & Chile Crusted Flap Steak with Homemade Steak Sauce and Fresh Potato Chips – Father’s Day Grub

I’ve never met a man that didn’t love himself a good steak.  Any time I’m feeding my husband on a special occasion, I am sure to put steak on the menu.  This particular kind of steak is called “flap steak”, otherwise known as “butcher’s cut” because butchers typically keep this tender and delicious cut for themselves…that’s how we know its good!!   If you can’t find flap steak, flank will be just fine.  Then throw in some mushrooms and homemade steak sauce and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for the king in your family!

Corned Beef, Made from Scratch


OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I’ve never been more excited to share something than I am today!!!  When my Napa Valley friend, Sebastian Nava, didn’t end up being able to guest post during the holidays because all of the prime ribs from his incredible shop, Five Dot Ranch, were snatched up and accounted for, I was pretty bummed.  I saw Sebastian prepare one at the Napa Valley Film Festival and I really wanted to share his recipe and insight for preparing a perfect rib roast with you all.  But then, when he said he wanted to do a make-your-own-corned-beef-from-scratch recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I was like “YES!!  PLEASE!!”  I’ve never cured my own meat before and I happen to LOVE corned beef, so everything turned out perfectly!